Hello everyone! I’m am going to write one last reflection on my experience in the Student Blogging Challenge. I participated in approximately 7 weeks of the Student Blogging Challenge. I think that in writing my blog, I have really opened up into writing about things for other people.

I wrote a total of 16 posts in the 8 week period. I wrote more than one post for each week. For some of the weeks, I wrote more posts than others. I also received about 22 comments from other students in my class, my teacher, and even a few comments from other kids from around the world.

I think the posts that I enjoyed writing the most, were the posts about the guitar and the post about Jack Johnson. I am really into music, and I love songs by Jack Johnson. Listening to his music made me want to learn how to play the guitar, and now I can play the guitar, while listening to his music.

For my blog, I uploaded a lot of images from my phone, and other websites that produced free images. I used some websites to help me out when trying to write about emoji‚Äôs. I also looked at other people’s blogs to see how to write in HTML.

I think that the Student Blogging Challenge was really cool, and the fact that different people from around the world were doing the same thing was really quite fascinating. I think that I might post a few more things in the future. It would only be something that I think was really cool, and something that I would want everyone to know.

That’s a wrap to the Student Blogging Challenge!


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  1. Hi Elijah!
    Over all, I really like your blog! I’m not really into sports, so I thought this was going to be kinda boring, but what really happened was you used a lot of variety for your topics and I actually had some fun reading about the music and even the sports. What really captured my attention was how you changed your topic every few posts, great job! One thing that distracted me on the blog was how the text is kinda hard to read with this background, but I could still see it if I selected the text. That’s probably the only thing I’d change about this blog, but I still really like the background, so maybe there is a way to make something like text boxes.
    – Jeffrey M.

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