Guess the Sentence

Hello everyone! I am going to write some emojis below, and in the comments below you can leave what you think the emojis mean, and what the sentence is.





Comment below on what you think!

Math Puzzle Using Emojis

Hello bloggers! Below, are a few math problems using emojis, and you can comment below on what you think the problems are and what the answers are.

1.Β  ⚾+πŸ¦‡=??

2.Β  Β πŸ™+⚾+🐻=??

3.Β   ⚾+βšΎπŸ¦‡+⚾🧒+βšΎπŸ’Ž=??


All of the following songs are some of my favorite Jack Johnson songs.

Banana Pancakes

Better Together


The News

Inaudible Melodies

Bubble Toes


I Got You


When I Look

These are just a few of some of his great songs. I encourage you to listen to them!

Jack Johnson

I like a singer-song writer named Jack Johnson. My dad showed me his music when I was very little, and I started listening to his music all the time.

Jack Johnson was born and raised in the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. He mainly plays the guitar in his songs, and that is why I wanted to learn how to play the guitar.

Jack Johnson plays and sings β€œRock” music. Lots of his songs are slow, and I like to listen to them to calm me down.

His songs are really relaxing, and I suggest you to listen to some of his songs.

The Guitar

The guitar is and instrument that was created by a German immigrant to the United States, named Christian Frederick Martin. He was born on January 31, 1796, and he died on February 16, 1873. He invented the guitar in the 1930s.

A guitar is an instrument that has 6 strings, and when you strum it, the sound vibrates into the inside of the guitar to make noise. The string on the top is called an “E” string. Going down is the “A” string, then the “D” string, then the “G” string, the “B” string, and the last string is the “E” string again at a higher pitch.

The strings on the top have lower sounding notes than the strings on the bottom.

The lines on the “neck” of the guitar are called frets, which create a different note for each finger placed on the different string on the different fret.

That is just a little bit about the guitar!

Leave comments below on what you think! You can comment any questions you have about the guitar.

What is your FAVORITE kind of Music?

Hello everyone!

There are many types of music in the world and lots of different people like different music. Lots of people also like the same music, and I would like to make some connections.

What kind of music do you like?










Comment below what your favorite genre of music is and why? Who is your favorite artist or what is your favorite song?

Rule Changes in 2020 MLB

Hello everyone!

In baseball people are always trying to make the game better, and run smoother. Over the years, people are constantly thinking about the rules and how to improve them. I found an article about with some of the 2020 rule changes in Major League Baseball and you can click here to read it.

I thought that this article was very interesting. Tony Clark is the executive director of the Players Association. He attended a meeting after one of the Tigers and Red Sox game to discuss rule changes with other important people.

Tony Clark states, “I think the common ground that we were able to find here has cracked open a door to a broader conversation, and that broader conversation we believe is necessary and in the best interests of both parties.”

This article also has some of the rules that changed from 2019 and the rules that will soon change in 2020.

I think it it very interesting that in 2020, through August 31st, the active roster will increase from 25 to 26 players, and in September, the teams will be required to have a 28-man roster. The amount of players in the dugout and able to play, is a huge thing in baseball, and this could change the game.

This article also said that teams must designate players as either position players, or a pitcher. Only designated pitchers will be allowed to pitch the first 9 innings of the game. On the contrary, a position player can only pitch if his team is ahead or behind by 6 runs. This is huge. In some games the teams run out of pitchers because they use everyone in their bullpen. These teams then have to go to some of their position players. I’m wondering, what will happen if neither team is ahead by 6 runs, and they are out of pitchers?

There are a few more rules listed, and you can check them out here.

Please leave comments below on what you think about some of these rule changes!


The Washington Nationals Win the World Series!

Hello bloggers! The Washington Nationals surprised a lot of people this year and won the World Series in 7 games! Check out an article that I read about their victory here.

This is a really great article. It has some interviews and quotes of the players and coaches from the Nationals, from after the game. It has some stats of some of the greatest pitchers in the game right now. Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasberg, Anthony Rendon, and the 21 year-old Juan Soto all came into clutch for the team.

Read more here to learn more about the article and the World Series Champions!


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