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Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that provides images and pictures, legally, that are free to use and share.

I found this image on Creative Commons, and it is in pretty good quality. Images on this website will always be taken by people, and these people all have copyright licenses, which prevents the person who uses the image from getting copyrighted.

What are Some of the Basic Rules of Baseball

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There are many rules in the game of baseball, and some of them are very complicated. I am only going to share with you some of the main rules of baseball.

For hitters, three strikes on them and it is called a strikeout, and the hitter is out. If the hitter hits the outside of the white foul ball lines, the ball is foul, and the hitter gets another chance.

After the ball is hit, the players on the field can catch the ball before it hits the ground, and it is called a fly out. The players on the field can also tag the runners with the ball in their glove, before they reach the base to get them out. While their are runners on base, if the batter hits the ball an it hits the runner, then the runner is out. If there are two runners on base, and the hitter hits a fly ball into the air, in the infield, it is called an infield fly rule, and the batter is out.

There are 3 outs per half inning, and a total of 9 full innings. This means that a total of 54 outs are made in a full game. 27 outs have to be made by each team. If the teams have the same amount of runs after 9 innings, they can go into extra innings.

Well, those are a few of the rules of baseball. There are probably hundreds more, but I hope you enjoyed learning about the great sport of baseball.


How to Use HTML

Hi everyone! I am going to be testing some HTML code.

First of all, make sure you are in the Text setting instead of the Visual setting.

To bold a word, put the word in between the code <b> </b> For example, if you type <b>Baseball</b> the word will appear Baseball.

To italic a word, put the word in between the code <i> </i> For example, if you type <i>Chicago</i> the word will appear Chicago.

To underline a word, put the word between the code <u> </u> For example, if you type <u>World Series</u> the word will appear as World Series.

To make a word have more than one type of code, just add it to the outside of the other code. For example, if you want to bold, underline, and italic the words Major League  Baseball just type <u><b><i>Major League Baseball</i></b></u> and the words will appear as Major League Baseball.

I hope that you now know how to use some simple HTML.

How to Comment

Hello! I’m going to share with you how do write a quality comment.

Commenting is a great way to communicate with people that are far away, and is it good to write quality comments back to them. The way you comment can define you as a hard thinker or as a lazy person.

When you comment, you should want the person you’re commenting to feel good, and feel encouraged to write more. It is a great idea to write anything that you like about their blog, like their theme, or their page setup. Your comment should have a positive tone.

I also recommend to provide some feedback to the person that you think would improve their blog. When you give suggestions for their blog, make sure not to sound bossy or rude, but helpful.

Lastly, grammar is really important to a comment, and really anything you write up. With today’s technology, spell check is almost always available, and is a very useful tool. Always proof read your comments before you publish them to the public.

I hope you know have a better understanding of how to write a good quality comment!

My New Avatar!(Post #1)

Welcome to my new Blog! 

This is my very first time blogging and this is my very first post.

I created my online avatar using Cartoonify. I chose these different appearances for my avatar because I have red hair, and I am a ginger. 🙂 I also think the black sunglasses and black tux, makes the avatar look cool and official. 

I hope you enjoy my new blog!

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